Setting Up an Account

1. To set up an account
   •    Bring relevant documents to come to our office and our customer service staff will assist you with the application. 
   •    To book an appointment or to inquire more, please contact us via: 
         1. Customer hotline: (852) 2179 1233 
2. Application form and documents
•    Individual account or joint account: Application form and documents.  [Link]
•    Company account: Application form and documents. [Link]
3. To activate your account and online service
•    Activate your account: Our licensed agents will explain to you the risk disclosure statement before you sign. It will then take two days for our company to review the documents. You will receive a confirmation after the procedures is finished.
•    Online trading platform: If you also wish to use our online trading service, you will receive an email confirmation after your account is activated. Follow the instructions on the email to register and activate the online account.