Hong Kong Stocks

Market Overview


Customer service

FLR Securities provides professional services and products to clients:

•  24-hour telephone trading service and professional online trading platform

•  Online checking of account balance 

•  Latest market updates and professional research reports

•  Real-time stock quote service

•  Trading confirmation alert

•  VIP customer service center



Professional trading platform

Order Placing

•  Dial to your Account Executive or customer service department. Hotline: (852) 2179 1221

•  Internet trading system

Trade confirmation

 A. By phone: After orders are filled, the Account Executive and customer service officer will confirm with you as soon as possible.

 B. Online: Clients can click on “Account History” in the “Account" column to check your order status and trading record.


Stock Settlement

 A. Buy order:

 After clients' buy orders are filled, the transaction value, broker commission, and other related fees will be debited from clients’ securities account on the trading day. 
 For cash accounts, account balance must be sufficient on settlement day.

 For Margin account, clients' purchasing power depends on collateral securities and personal financial situations.

 B. Sell order:

 Proceeds from the sale of stocks, deducting trading fees, will be shown as tradable funds immediately, and cash will be credited to
 client accounts on settlement day.
 Clients may withdrawal the proceeds from the account after the settlement day.


Transaction Records

 To help clients confirm their Account status and trading record, FLR Securities will send daily and monthly statements to clients.

 Daily statement: After clients finish securities trading, fund withdrawal or deposit, and other related account activities, 

 FLR Securities will send daily statements to them on the next business day.

 Monthly statement: If clients have execute any related account activities in the respective calendar month, we will sent the monthly statement to them in the first seven business days after the last settlement day.

 *Clients are suggested to choose the e-statement service receive the statements more quickly.


Margin Account

  Margin Securities Account

 FLR Securities provides clients with margin accounts, in which clients can use their stocks as mortgage. 

 The Margin ratios, at most 80%, are listed in FLR Securities Margin Table.


 Borrowing limit calculation (For more details please refer to Margin Account)

 The maximum borrowing limit of the client is the lower of "total marginable value" and "approval value from FLR securities".

 Marginable value: (Margin table of FLR Securities)

 Marginable value = Number of shares X Closing price of previous trade day X Margin ratio

 Lending rate: margin rate P + 3% (the right of the final version belongs to the FLR Securities Ltd)