Disclaimer and Risk Disclosure Statement

In view that you have opened and continued to maintain a securities account with Future Land Resources Securities Limited (“Our Company”) [Note: By opening your securities account with us, you have already agreed to accept all the terms of the Company’s Client’s Master Agreement and confirm that you are aware of all the risks associated with trading in the securities account held with Our Company], we are willing to provide you with securities trading services.


Before you use our online securities trading services, we hereby remind you of the following matters:


Use of Personal Password

You should pay particular attention and urge any of your authorized persons to pay particular attention to the handling of your and / or their personal password and should not at any time let anyone else know your personal password. You hereby undertake to notify Our Company as soon as practicable once you have become aware of or suspect that your personal password is known to others.


The Limit of Our Company’s Liabilities

1.     Under no circumstance that Our Company shall be liable for any loss or damage resulted from any profit loss, indirect loss, special loss or consequential loss for using the securities trading services hereof.

2.     In the absence of fraud, negligence or wilful negligence, Our Company is not liable for any acts, delays or omissions in connection with any services provided to any client’s account or provided by Our Company, including the following:

a.    The operation of the client’s account and any facilities or services provided by Our Company;

b.    For whatever reason that any facilities or services provided by Our Company is being restricted or affected;

c.    Any action, inaction, negligence or mistake caused by any third party banks, brokers, agents, custodians or any other third party involved in any transaction;

d.  Failure to perform, default or delay in performance due to any of the following reasons: Any levy, taxation, embargo, deferred performance, foreign exchange restrictions or other government actions or actions of other agencies, or any power outageany transmission or communication interruption or failure or malfunction of computer equipment, or strikes or industry actions in the postal system or other systems, or closure or trade suspension of any exchange, trading system, market or clearing house, or any natural disasters, fires, floods, frosts, typhoons, explosions, disastrous events, natural hazards, wars, terrorist activities, civil strife, destruction, or any other event that Our Company does not have control which renders Our Company’s performance of its obligations or related obligations unfeasible, illegal or impossible;

e.    Any impairment or failure to use in relation to redemption or transfer due to restrictions, requirements, involuntary transfers, wars or strikes or other similar reasons beyond the control of Our Company; and

f.    All actions taken and / or all rights exercised by Our Company that are permitted in the Client’s Master Agreement.


Information provided on Our Company’s Website

The information provided in this website is intended for reference purposes only. Our Company has not verified, monitored or endorsed the content, the meaning, the accuracy of such information and / or other related websites provided within such information. Under no circumstances that Our Company nor its employees shall be liable for any loss or damage caused by the use or inability to use this website, whether or not such loss or damage is direct, indirect, special, accidental and / or consequential.


Applicability:         The content of this website is available in both Chinese and English. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.     


Related Risks:        You should be aware of the risks associated with the transaction being conducted, details of which please refer to HERE: